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This was a traditional ranch style home that was built in the 60’s. The bathroom needed drastic updating. We removed the jetted tub leaving the space open to allow the clients to modify the space for storage.  We removed the existing flooring throughout, even into the closet. We tiled the entire space, including the closet floor.

We then added a modern frosted glass sliding door on the closet to allow for more space in the closet. This also matched the newly installed frosted glass door to the stool room. The white shaker vanity was finished off with two striking chrome modern Kohler faucets and two Kohler backlit medicine cabinet mirrors.  We carried the chrome into the shower with the coordinating shower faucet from Kohler.  


The pebble floor gives the transitional bathroom a spa like feel. To add a bit more wow factor, we added a linear niche backed in the same pebble accent.  The bathroom was accented in a deep navy paint to allow the whiter shaker vanity to pop off the wall.

Color Pallet 

SW 6119

SW 7044

SW 6244

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