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Bryan Casey Construction

Our experience as a custom renovator, creating multiple styles in the Kansas City metro area sets us apart. We take the time to get to know you and listen to what is important to you. We know quality and attention to detail are key components of any project, and that is a key attribute of Bryan Casey Construction. We hope you can see that detail as you review our portfolio.

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Another area that sets us apart is that our team designs each project using 3-D imaging technology. This enables every client to see, in three dimensions, exactly how their new space will look before one nail is hammered. Working closely with lead interior designer Julie Casey of JC Design, Bryan Casey Construction enables both space layout and styling to occur simultaneously, leading to balanced, beautiful, finished products.

Meet Bryan Casey

Bryan Casey, a native of Kansas City and raised in Orrick, Missouri, has been passionate about building and designing things since he was a young boy. In high school, he worked alongside his father on home renovations and was inspired by his father’s attention to detail and passion for creating something new with every project. It was during this time that Bryan caught the construction bug.


At just 19 years old, Bryan started a business with his father building custom homes in the Northland. Recognizing a void in the market, Bryan transformed the business in 2008 to focus purely on room additions and high end remodels. Today, with a multitude of completed projects throughout Kansas City, Bryan remains fully engaged in every aspect of the business. Bryan has been designing and drafting plans for 20 years and is still a large part of the design and drafting of every project. Now Bryan works alongside lead designer Julie Casey of JC Design and their design and drafting team. With their collaborative approach to design the team is able to create unique and inspirational designs based on the client’s vision and needs. With their design forward approach, it allows the team to become intimately familiar with every detail and unique aspect of the project. When it ultimately comes time to put hammer to nail, the BCC team has already thought about, drawn, revised, and finalized the plans. This enables Bryan Casey Construction to create expertly crafted pieces that flow harmoniously together.


Bryan prides himself on quality design, craftsmanship, project cleanliness, timeline and cost adherence, and customer communication. Delivering a high-end, quality project to the client is what has built Bryan Casey Construction’s reputation and resulted in consistent top ratings from previous clients. Bryan’s greatest passion is to reimagine what a space can be. Take that space from basic to amazing in a way that did not seem possible and make it function in the best way possible

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Whole Home Renovations

At BCC we can renovate your entire home. Whether it's a home you recently purchased and want to make it your own, or its been your home for years, we work alongside you to create the dream renovation for the home.


We start with the exterior to set the tone of what can be expected on the inside. Then we redesign the interior floor plan to suit your family's needs. Working room to room, we create a harmonious feel throughout the entire house.


Using computerized design tools, you get to see exactly how the design and layout will look before we start.


At BCC we love designing kitchen spaces. Kitchens are the heart of every home and nothing says "wow" quite like a beautifully designed kitchen. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart. Your overall design is extremely important, and we spend a lot of time putting together the best possible layout. A key feature to our kitchens is our hood designs that create that wow factor.


We listen closely to you and your wants and needs. Selecting everything from the cabinetry, backsplash, countertops, and flooring, we create what you want – down to the smallest details.


When designing a bathroom, whether a half bath, guest bath or master bath, we want to make sure they all receive the same attention to detail.


We talk through what your goals and visions are for the space. Then we put together a floor plan and color layout to show you what your bathroom will look like.


We love to blend different textures in the bathroom, enabling them to look and feel amazing, no matter the size.


At BCC, designing basements is a passion, and your options are endless. Creative fun requests are our specialty. Modern wine cellar? Luxury game room? Movie theatre? Ideal entertaining space? We do it all, with the attention to detail and special touches you want in your dream basement.


We always keep in mind the rest of the home and ensure a smooth transition from one level to the next. We take the time to sit down with you and brainstorm your ideal basement, and present you a 3D rendering with color and furniture layout.

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Outdoor Living Structures

BCC offers unique outdoor structure designs based on your surrounding areas.


We do pool cabanas, outdoor living rooms, screened in porches, and full and partial home editions. We work to enhance the overall look of the home while striving to create additional character to the home.


Just like all of our designs, we will work closely with you to ensure an amazing outcome.

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