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Our Passion

At Bryan Casey Construction, we take pride in our Design-Build approach, which eliminates the need for competitive bidding among multiple contractors.

In traditional remodeling, the bidding process often leads contractors to submit lower initial estimates in a race to secure the project. This can result in overly optimistic pricing that relies on assumptions rather than detailed specifications. Unfortunately, these initial savings for homeowners can quickly evaporate as costly change orders accumulate throughout the project.

In contrast, as a trusted Design-Build contractor, we provide clients with a realistic initial investment range rather than engaging in competitive bidding. Our approach is to work closely with clients during the design phase, allowing us to develop a customized budget based on their specific decisions and needs.

While the initial pricing in Design-Build may appear higher, the total cost of the project is often less in the end. This is primarily because the thorough planning process of a Design-Build project significantly reduces the likelihood of substantial change orders arising during construction, providing greater cost predictability and ultimately delivering better value to our clients.

Our Approach

Bryan Casey Construction embraces a Design-Build approach that begins with a comprehensive design phase, followed by internal pre-production planning.

Our team, comprising skilled designers and carpenters, conducts a thorough examination and discussion of project scopes, unique product specifications, mechanical placements, and the specific preferences of our homeowners. Throughout the pre-production phase, we meticulously order and inspect materials, collaborate closely with our trusted trade partners, and leave no detail unaddressed.

All these strategic planning efforts are geared towards ensuring that every project we undertake is executed with maximum efficiency and minimal disruptions. Streamlined production remains our commitment to delivering satisfaction to our clients while also ensuring the continued prosperity of Bryan Casey Construction. 


Heather W.

I cannot say enough how satisfied I am with the entire Bryan Casey experience from beginning to end. I first met Julie when I quite honestly couldn’t get a bid from anyone else for doors for the arched entryway into our front room. Roughly 12 months later, we were signing a contract on a full home renovation. Julie was able to extract from my initial vision of making a home office into the greater scheme of our total living space and what we wanted to make the house perfect for our family. A non-functional kitchen & laundry became a grand kitchen for hosting parties of 16, a huge walk-in pantry, an upstairs laundry room, a master bed, bath, and closet redo, new floors and paint and custom glass doors and windows on the arched front room entry to make a fully functional main-floor office. Sometimes, the most practical thing really is to do it all at once and if you are fortunate enough to do so, Bryan Casey, Julie Casey, and team make great partners to do it with.

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