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This was a special remodel as this was a project the homeowners had been planning to do since they moved in.  After multiple projects throughout the rest of the home it was time to address the primary bath.  The space itself was huge, almost overwhelming for a primary bathroom.  However with the right things incorporated it would be amazing.  The first thing was to eliminate the huge garden tub that took up so much square footage.  The next was how to make the large pass through shower look updated without modernizing outside of the style of the house.  They had always been able to see out of the shower and that was something they did not want to give up.  So we created a half wall to enclose the front half of the shower allowing us to use that as a focal point wall to set the new freestanding tub in front of.  We had originally planned for a floor mount tub filler and once the design came together decided a wall mount was the way to go.  The original vanity was in a great location and provided a ton of storage so we decided to replace the cabinet pulls and paint it to a new color.  We then reworked the vanity lighting to incorporate both overhead and sconce lighting.  The final touch was the 3 framed mirrors with the tall skinny mirror over the makeup vanity space creating a truly personalized touch.  

Color Pallet 

SW 6119

SW 6204

SW 9567

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