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Overall the primary bath was fine however when the goal was to move the laundry from the first floor up to the second floor where all the bedrooms were it  immediately became obvious that space was going to have to be borrowed from the primary bath.  Luckily, the primary en suite had some fantastic space that was under utilized. The laundry now was taking up space where the shower originally was so we eliminated the large garden tub and made a large walk-in shower at the end of the room in that space.  Installed a beautiful dark green double vanity with electrical outlets inside.  converted the vanity lights to sconces creating a dramatic style with the new framed mirrors.  The stool room was able to stay where it was.  One of the best parts was  we were able to increase the size of the primary closet to now allow us to include a makeup vanity area that was originally at the end of the small closet.  This is its own little area as you enter into the closet space, we rebuilt all the hanging to maximize the space,  as well as build an entire shoe shelf  on the end wall of the closet. 

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Color Palette

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